Farben die ich mag….NORO

Joben in Noro Bonbori Akeno in Retoro/Vintage Kane in Yuzen and Maiko Ken in Noro Bonbori Makoto in Cash Iroha/Silk Manzo in Vintage/Retro Montaro in Cash Iroha/Silk Rei in Vintage/Retro Roka in Retro/Vintage Takeo in Cash Iroha/Silk Yori in Retro/Vintage Botan Mittens in Retro/Vintage Chiko hat in Bonbori Miki Hat in Retro/Vintage Morio Scarf in Iro Sachio Sock in Kureyon Sock Yarn Taro Scarf in Kochoran
Noro Men
Noro Men the first book of designs for men by Jane Ellison, a collection of hand knits designed with the same philosophy of no complicated abbreviations or techniques, just straightforward simple patterns.Noro is a self striping yarn and Jane as used this striping effect in her designs. She introduces a stripe pattern by using a solid colour like Cash Iroha or Retro with these self striping yarns, the result is a striped garment that mixes the the random with the predictable.In a few garments like Montaro, Kane and Makoto she has knitted the pattern in two colourways to show how easy it is to choose your own colours or swap around the solid colour and the variegated.Seventeen designs for jumpers, sweters, scarf, hat and mittens
Price: £7.50




Click vergrößert 🙂

Einige Modelle aus diesem Heft:

[KB-ELL-NOROM]Jane Ellison NORO Men

Gruß und Happy…´was auch immer 🙂


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